Our Mission

Our mission is to open up the profitable universe of private investments to ALL investors creating wealth and ending economic inequality. We do this for Main Street, not Wall Street. In this way we will change lives by helping send children to college, protecting clients’ retirements, providing the capital to acquire their dream homes or become philanthropic. We don’t focus on fees because we make money FOR our investors not FROM our investors.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where anyone can invest as little as a $1000 to buy a private share or digital token representing fractional ownership in, say, a giant Amazon Warehouse; or a rollup of iconic live event venues; or in a group of successful consumer packaged goods brands; or even provide venture capital to the next Spanx. And they can trade their ownership shares with another individual via their smartphone in a digital environment. We will build and identify successful alternative investment strategies ALL of which will be tokenized via blockchain technology which include embedded smart contracts detailing the associated rights such as: voting per token; variable dividend contract promising to distribute an agreed upon % of free cash flow every quarter; ESG promises made and kept with total transparency and more. This is out vision of our collective financial wellness future. businessforhumansTM

Keys To Success

Clients First

We don't believe investment managers should be put ahead of their clients and receiving fees before clients receive their returns. That is why we are revolutionizing the industry with performance-based compensation only. We make money FOR our clients not FROM our investors.

Alignment of Interests

The proverbial "skin in the game." We risk our capital alongside our clients and we care more about our investors' success. Integrity and honesty.


We treat all investors equally according to the rights they purchased. All investors win together. There are no VIP's, no sovereign wealth funds or Buffets who get better deals. 


Radical transparency is paramount. We have always been an open book to our clients and will continue to do so.


Investing in our people is as important as investing our capital. It's the key to our success and reputation. We recruit only world-class individuals who we would enjoy working with and who hold similar core values and beliefs.


NOYACK has been a data-centric firm for 20 years and its our understanding of utilizing technology to provide an advantage to our clients.


Excellence is borne from differing points of view originating from different backgrounds galvanized into a cohesive unit for the benefit of our clients and partners. We are never satisfied with the status quo or second-best.

For Investors, By InvestorsTM
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